Start up problem talking to Riak

Alex Moore amoore at
Mon Feb 13 09:39:05 EST 2017

Hi David,

In your riak.conf files, what do the "listener.protobuf.internal" and
 "listener.http.internal" lines look like?  Are they bound to "",
"", or the external ip address?


On Mon, Feb 13, 2017 at 5:00 AM, AWS <aws at> wrote:

>  I know that this isn't directly a Riak issue but I am sure that some of
> you have met this before and can maybe help me. I am used to Macs and
> Windows but have now set up an Ubuntu 14.04LTS server on my home network. I
> have 5 fixed IP addresses so the server has its own external address. I
> have opened port 8098 on my router to point at the server and checked that
> ufw isn't running. I have tested with it running ufw and with  'allow 8098'
> applied. I still cannot connect to Riak. On the same computer I get a pong
> back to a ping so Riak seems to be OK.
> I have a Riak server running on AWS and had trouble setting that up until
> I, eventually, opened all ports.
> Can anyone please suggest some steps that I might take? I need this
> running for an Open University course that I am studying. My AWS free
> server runs out before the course finishes so I have to get this up and
> running soon.
> Thanks  in advance.
> David
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