Cross-Compile Riak for Embedded Device

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Magnus has stolen my thunder and words!  I agree that your use case, as
outlined by Magnus above, is not one Riak is aimed at.  In fact, given you
want to persist data on an embedded device, are you sure you even want the
overhead of a "database"?  There are the options Magnus mentioned above,
also you may want to look at:

I have not used either, but they may give you ideas.

In my embedded/IoT work I have not used the embedded device as a persistent
store, I have buffered readings on the edge devices but I have then, when a
connection is made, sent them to processing hubs.

Kind regards

On 14 February 2017 at 10:45, Magnus Kessler <mkessler at> wrote:

> On 13 February 2017 at 16:06, Darshan Shah <dg.shah1991 at> wrote:
>> Our main usecase is to create a database in Embedded system to store
>> value received from one server.
>> For our usecase Key value based database is best suitable and we found
>> Riak is one of best for this.
>> So we want to cross compile Riak databse for Embedded system.
>> On Fri, Feb 10, 2017, 3:46 PM Stephen Etheridge <setheridge at>
>> wrote:
>>> Darshan,
>>> Perhaps if you gave some more details of what you are trying to do I
>>> might be able to help further?
>>> Stephen
> Hi Darshan,
> If I understand you correctly, your embedded devices will locally store
> data and will communicate with a central server, but not other peer
> devices. Riak's strength lies in being a centralised distributed database
> optimised for dealing with very large data sets. Riak installations
> typically distribute the data set over a small(-ish) number of nodes to
> achieve high availability and resilience.
> In your use case I expect there to be a large number of embedded devices,
> each responsible for a small amount of data. This is not a good fit for
> Riak.
> A quick search shows embeddable key-value stores, such as RocksDB [0],
> unqlite [1], and others (*), which you could use to store data locally in
> your embedded devices. If you'd like to use Riak on the central server, I'd
> recommend using one of the Riak client libraries [2] to transfer data
> between the central server and your devices.
> Kind Regards,
> Magnus
> (*) The quoted embeddable DBs are examples only. I haven't personally used
> them yet, and can't vouch for their suitability for your project.
> [0]:
> [1]:
> [2]:
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