Start up problem talking to Riak

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Thu Feb 16 07:14:51 EST 2017

Hi David,
I vaguely remember the same problem from a previous setup I did, a while
ago now.
IIRC, the original configured IP gets written to disk on the initial start
and then the next start fails due to the mis-match.
Try deleting your data directory and restarting, so this will be like the
initial startup again.

On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 10:31 AM, AWS <aws at> wrote:

> OK, I took the machine down intending to write my own quick and easy key
> value db (I have done this before) but I have told my uni that I am using
> Riak so I thought that I ought to have another go.
> I have reinstalled Ubuntu and Riak. The computer now has an internal IP
> ( rather than an external fixed IP. I started up Riak and got
> a pong. I then tried to connect with my software from  that already works
> with the Riak I have running on Amazon AWS so I know that the software
> works - just a request for a list of buckets.
> I got a "Connection refused error. I checked and 8098 was closed. I edited
> Riak.conf as advices from to but now Riak won't start
> (Riak failed to start in 15 seconds).
> I really want to get this working and, given I have an assignment due in a
> few days, sooner rather than later.  It is working fine on AWS but it is
> such a faff getting onto that using ssh as I am never sure of my key to use
> so I can't check the config there.
> This can't be hard, can it?
> Please help.
> David
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> Yeah, what Alex said.  You can't see it with your application because it's
> currently bound to the localhost loopback address, but
> it's bad to just expose everything publicly.
> 1. Where is this cluster running? (AWS or local dev cluster?)
> 2. What are you trying to connect to Riak with? Is it one of our clients
> or just raw HTTP requests?
> Thanks,
> Alex
> On Mon, Feb 13, 2017 at 10:33 AM, Alexander Sicular <siculars at>
> wrote:
>> Please don't do that. Don't point the internet at your database. Have
>> them communicate amongst each other on internal ips and route the public
>> through a proxy / middleware.
>> -Alexander
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>> > On Feb 13, 2017, at 04:00, AWS <aws at> wrote:
>> >
>> >  I know that this isn't directly a Riak issue but I am sure that some
>> of you have met this before and can maybe help me. I am used to Macs and
>> Windows but have now set up an Ubuntu 14.04LTS server on my home network. I
>> have 5 fixed IP addresses so the server has its own external address. I
>> have opened port 8098 on my router to point at the server and checked that
>> ufw isn't running. I have tested with it running ufw and with  'allow 8098'
>> applied. I still cannot connect to Riak. On the same computer I get a pong
>> back to a ping so Riak seems to be OK.
>> >
>> > I have a Riak server running on AWS and had trouble setting that up
>> until I, eventually, opened all ports.
>> >
>> > Can anyone please suggest some steps that I might take? I need this
>> running for an Open University course that I am studying. My AWS free
>> server runs out before the course finishes so I have to get this up and
>> running soon.
>> > Thanks  in advance.
>> > David
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