Handoffs are too slow after netsplit

Andrey Ershov andrershov at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 06:38:57 EST 2017

Hi, guys!

I'd like to follow up on handoffs behaviour after netsplit. The problem is
that right after network partition is healed, "riak-admin transfers"
command says that there are X partitions waiting transfer from one node to
another, and Y partitions waiting transfer in the opposite direction. What
are they waiting for? Active transfers section is always empty. It takes
about 1 minute for transfer to occur. I've increased transfer_limit to 100
and it does not help.
Also I've tried to attach to Erlang VM and execute
riak_core_vnode_manager:force_handoff() on each node. This command returns
'ok'. But seems that it does not work right after network is healed. After
some time 30-60 s, force_handoff() works as expected, but actually it's the
same latency as in auto handoff case.

So what is it waiting for? Any ideas?

I'm preparing real-time coding demo to be shown on the conference. So it's
too much time to wait for 1 minute for handoff to occur just for a couple
of keys...
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