Is every node share the same metadata ?

Alex Feng sweden.feng at
Fri Jan 6 12:31:07 EST 2017

Hi Riak Users,

I am a little bit confused about the metadata, it is stored in memory and
synced in every node, so bascially every node share the same metadata,
right ?
But then from the official document, the formula to calcuate the RAM
requirement, the RAM requirement is for whole cluster, for example, based
on the formula below, the requirement is 50G, then if we have 5 nodes, then
each node only needs 10G RAM. Seems the metadata is divided to different
nodes, I must hvae misunderstood something, could someone please to clarify
this, thank you very much.

Approximate RAM Needed for Bitcask = (static bitcask per key overhead +
estimated average bucket+key length in bytes) * estimate total number of
keys * n_val

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