consult some questions about riak,thank you

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Tue Jan 17 12:19:16 EST 2017

std::bad_alloc is thrown when memory can't be allocated. This can
happen when there is no more free RAM.

Do you have monitoring enabled on these servers where you can watch
memory consumption?

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On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 8:21 AM, 270917674 <270917674 at> wrote:
> Dear basho team:
>   I encountered a strange question, we use riak/riak-cs build a cluster, the
> cluster has 7 nodes, DB of riak KV is multi(level & bitcask), earch node has
> 16G RAM.total_leveldb_mem_percent=50.
>   today we found one node crash down but without crash log, and erlang log
> has something like this:
>    terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_akkic' wath():
> std::bad_alloc
>    (riak kv version:2.0.5)
>    [os_mon] memory supervisor port(memsup):Erlang has closed;
>    [os_mon] cpu supervisor port(cpu_sup):Erlang has close.
>  And we restart this node and it can work properly again, use the (free -m)
> command to view the memory, +-buffered/cache: used=2000Mb available<14000Mb.
> and memory status of other nodes are: used 6000Mb~7000Mb.
> can you help me analysis of why the node crash down?
> and i found other problem on other cluster. under normal conditions,the
> memory of used was 4000Mb~5000Mb,but
> every 20 minutes will rise once, about doubled, and then returned to normal,
> why?
> thank you very much!
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