Question about claimant node.

Shaun McVey smcvey at
Wed Jan 18 04:22:26 EST 2017

Hi Alex,

The claimant node is used in operations related to adding/removing nodes
from the cluster, things like that.  If the node dies, for example, due to
hardware failure, then the cluster will still continue to operate
normally.  In this regard, there's nothing special about the claimant
node.  During normal operations, it's just like any other node.  It's only
when attempting to run certain administrative commands that you'd find it
doesn't work.  You just simply mark it as down though and the cluster will
re-elect a new claimant to take over the role and you can continue.

Kind Regards,

On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 9:05 AM, Alex Feng <sweden.feng at> wrote:

> Hello Basho Users,
> I have some questions regarding claimant node, what does it really mean ?
> How a claimant node differs from the other nodes ?
> If a claimant node is down, then the whole cluster stop working until I
> mark it down from other working node, right ? How do we avoid this kind of
> SPOF ?
> Thank you.
> Br,
> Alex
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