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Thu Jan 19 08:51:12 EST 2017

Hi Magnus -

I've tried a wide range of parameters for leveldb.maximum_memory_percent ranging from 5 to 70. I also tried the leveldb.maximum_memory setting in bytes, ranging from 500MB to 4GB. I get the same results in the crash/console log no matter what the settings. But the log messages seem to indicate an issue with yokozuna, and not leveldb itself from what I can tell.

I set the max (-Xmx) to 2G for SOLR as well.

From the log messages, it looks like it's not actually the KV leveldb system that's crashing, but the yokozuna system. I'm not sure how to control or set memory here:

{badmatch,{error,{db_open,"IO error: lock /var/lib/riak/yz_anti_entropy/639406966332270026714112114313373821099470487552/LOCK: Cannot allocate memory"}

This is a development node, running as a single (nojn-clustered) riak node. It has 14G memory, and at the time of trying changes with Riak, 9GB were free.

To Recap:

There are no keys/values in the database at all.
The only default settings I changed were:

storage_backend = leveldb
search = on

and when that didn't work, I started changing:

search.solr.jvm_options = -d64 -Xms1g -Xmx2g -XX:+UseStringCache -XX:+UseCompressedOops
leveldb.maximum_memory_percent = 5 .. 70

and then when nothing seemed to change:

leveldb.maximum_memory =  1000000 ... 4000000000

Thanks for any assistance!


On Jan 19, 2017, at 3:33 AM, Magnus Kessler <mkessler at<mailto:mkessler at>> wrote:

Hi Damion,

Let me first state that AAE always uses leveldb, regardless of the storage backend chosen for Riak KV data. Could you please state how much physical memory your Riak nodes have, and what you have configured for "leveldb.maximum_memory.percent" in "riak.conf"? Have you changed the settings for "search.solr.jvm_options", in particular the memory allocated to Solr?

As a general rule, leveldb should have at least 350MB of memory available per partition, and performance has been shown to increase with up to 2GB (2.5 GB when also using Search and AAE) per partition. Please check that you have enough memory available in your system.

Kind Regards,


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