Active Anti Entropy Directory when AAE is disabled

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> Thanks Luke. Sorry it took me some time to experiment ...
> I am not sure what happens in a couple of scenarios. Maybe you can explain
> Lets say I lose a node completely and want to replace it. Will the keys
> yet to be "anti-entropied" by that node be distributed correctly when I
> restore that node ?
> Secondly restore multiple nodes from a backup, should I replace the
> anti-entropy directory also ?
Hi Arun,

You can consider AAE data as ephemeral; AAE trees will be recalculated
automatically if missing, or if trees are encountered that are too old
(which may happen if you turn AAE off for some time and then on again).

In a forced replacement scenario (after completely losing a node), the
replacement node would first calculate its own set of AAE trees, which
would essentially be an empty set. Subsequent AAE exchanges with other
nodes will detect the differences and cause missing KV objects to be

For more information about AAE and partition repairs, please see the
documentation [0][1].

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