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Hmmm--- I wonder if anyone has given thought to a conference focused on the future of open-source Riak?
I'm sure there are many good ideas out there re: roadmap and governance.
It's just too great not to be worth deep thought and prudent action.
All the best,
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Hi Senthilkumar,
No Riak is not dead. It’s parent company, Basho is dead. And they kept the keys. There are numerous forks that are being worked on. Hopefully something that is a canonical, community backed fork will emerge. Past mailing list posts show strong support from large commercial and govt. organisations. Riak is open source and will continue to be critical infrastructure for numerous organisation in its niche for some time.

There are also a few support organisations springing up, as well as the existing partners (Erlang Solutions, Trifork etc.) If you’re asking me, this could be a very good thing for Riak in the medium to long term. It and it’s users and community were served very badly by Basho these last couple of years. It’s a little trodden under, but no way dead. Give it a little time to bounce back.



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> Is Riak dead? No new activities on Riak GitHub repo. 
> Thanks,
> Senthil
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