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If there is enough interest, I'd be happy to do the legwork in Boston and put up a very modest contribution toward up-front cost with hope of recovery through registrations.
Boston has conference spaces of all sizes. I would imagine a conference on the future of open-source Riak would be a fairly intimate group. I'm also imagining a fairly bare-bones event to minimize cost of registration. Registration cost should be just enough to cover the venue and nibbles.
Just to kick off brain-storming:
1. Say two days--- Friday and Saturday
2. Friday: Invite short (20 minute) proposals on key topics
     a. Clarifying legal issues
     b. Technical road map
     c. Organizational framework; e.g. ala Apache Foundation or some such
     d. Marketing; e.g. expanding the open-source community
3. Saturday (or Saturday morning)
     Discussion sessions with goal of recommendations for moving forward
How to get from here to there:
1. Is there enough interest on the mailing list?
2. How can we pin down an agenda?
3. Can we get corporate sponsorships to minimize registration?
4. How can we most widely promote the event?
5. What else?
All the best,
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We have talked about it. Let's do it!

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Hmmm--- I wonder if anyone has given thought to a conference focused on the future of open-source Riak?
I'm sure there are many good ideas out there re: roadmap and governance.
It's just too great not to be worth deep thought and prudent action.
All the best,
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Hi Senthilkumar,
No Riak is not dead. It’s parent company, Basho is dead. And they kept the keys. There are numerous forks that are being worked on. Hopefully something that is a canonical, community backed fork will emerge. Past mailing list posts show strong support from large commercial and govt. organisations. Riak is open source and will continue to be critical infrastructure for numerous organisation in its niche for some time.

There are also a few support organisations springing up, as well as the existing partners (Erlang Solutions, Trifork etc.) If you’re asking me, this could be a very good thing for Riak in the medium to long term. It and it’s users and community were served very badly by Basho these last couple of years. It’s a little trodden under, but no way dead. Give it a little time to bounce back.



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> Is Riak dead? No new activities on Riak GitHub repo. 
> Thanks,
> Senthil
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