What rights do companies and developers have re: Basho Technology products given demise of Basho and current lawsuit?

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Fri Jul 14 19:00:49 EDT 2017


Basho Technologies, founded in 2008, has developed over the years a cutting-edge suite of distributed computing products under the Riak name distributed as open source under the Apache 2 license.

Unfortunately, Basho Technologies seems to have closed their doors with investors and founders engaged in a court battle.


Now many Riak users, both corporate and individual developers, are under a great cloud of uncertainty as to what they can and can't do in terms of using and or forking the code and use of the Riak trademark.

So, questions:

-- Are there any legal issues with regard to continued use and development of Riak products?

-- Should the community choose to fork the products, what legal issues are involved?

-- Can users use the trademark and if so, under what constraints?

-- If Basho Technologies is legally dissolved, what happens to the license ownership?

-- Any other questions/issues we should be aware of?

Many thanks,

Lloyd R.Prentice
Writersglen Publications

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