Is Riak dead?

Christopher Meiklejohn christopher.meiklejohn at
Sun Jul 16 15:49:36 EDT 2017

On Sat, Jul 15, 2017 at 12:29 PM, Carlos Baquero Moreno
<cbm at> wrote:
> It is sad to see Basho dying, but good to see that there is hope that Riak will survive. Being an open source database was very important for academics to experiment and propose solutions. Not everything makes sense in an actual product, but the Riak developers and architects were always keen to try new ideas and take risks. They were crucial for the spreading of ideas like CRDTs and DVVs, and letting industry and academia try new concepts together.  Its was extremely brave for a company to try such ideas in an active product.
> Many CRDT designs were invented or influenced by Riak engineers, and now they also live in other systems and languages.
> Academia will keep experimenting with ideas. We leave a link to a pre-print of a SRDS’17 paper that explores some substantial design changes for a Riak like design. Now the time is for supporting the current system and consolidation, but the future is always there.

However, full circle back to the original discussion, academia is
experimenting on top of Riak Core: DottedDB, Antidote, and Lasp all
started as variants on top of either Riak or Riak Core.  Therefore,
it's critical to have continued support in the open source community
for systems like Riak Core.


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