Late to the party but still wish to compile a working Riak

David Bloom iprog4u at
Mon Jul 17 12:14:57 EDT 2017

Hello Riak list!  After watching many videos about Erlang and LFE in
particular I think I get it and now understand the many benefits of the
BEAM and thought that Riak would make an excellent tool to build
applications with.

While getting excited I learned of Basho's current limbo status but still
interested in learning Riak as it has already been adopted enough that it
seems that Riak (or it's future open-source name whatever) is here to stay.

How can I compile a working Riak?  Is it daft of me to learn Erlang/LFE to
get future work supporting existing Riak installations?  Though very new to
the Erlang ecosystem, I've managed to use Kerl to install different
versions of R16 and R17, even used it to install Basho's patched R16 but
nothing works.

Would it be better to try using the existing Riak containers on Docker
Hub?  Any thoughts or tips for a Lisper looking to work with and learn more
Erlang?  My resume available upon request.  Thanks in advance for your help.

-David Bloom
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