Riak overall performance falls down

Travis Kirstine tkirstine at firstbasesolutions.com
Mon Jun 19 11:02:00 EDT 2017

Are you using leveldb?   Matthew (Basho) talk “Optimizing LevelDB for Performance and Scale” available in the link below provides a great overview


The talk dates from 2013 and some things have changed but I found it very helpful

Have you gone through http://docs.basho.com/riak/kv/2.2.3/using/performance/

Besides that you’d need to provide more details on your setup


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Subject: Riak overall performance falls down

I have a clustered riak node, when I'm using basho bench to take a benchmark, performance falls down, (in spite of for example, 1K or 10K insert rate) after some time, overall insert rate is not smooth at all.
OS status after performance reduction: High memory usage, high user I/O wait
is there any one to explain why riak behaving like this?
thanks in advance

Mohammad Sharifi
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