Riak Java client question

Guido Medina gmedina at temetra.com
Thu Jun 22 04:49:33 EDT 2017


I see now there is support for 2i which we needed in order to migrate to 
2.x, there was another issue with the old client which forced us to 
modify the client, such issue was related to the following, let me put 
an example:

public class POJO {

   public String getKey() {
     // generate our own key

   public String getSomeIndex() {
     // generate some index


The following example should add "some-index" but ignore it as a Json 
property, and as you can see the Riak key is a pseudo (computed) 
property and has no setter, at some point Riak client 1.4.x required 
that the key be a property which IMHO is a very poor design to require 
the POJO to have some properties to hold internal Riak client values 
between calls.

I'm wondering what's the current POJO support as we have been stuck for 
years now with that old Riak client 1.4.x with our modifications, we are 
afraid that one day it will simply not be supported anymore by a newer 
Riak server.



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