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Hi Mark,
It’s an error that means there is no function clause in riak_object:merge_contents that matches the given arguments. It is hard to tell from the snippet of log you posted what the issue is here since the arguments are truncated. Is this related to you cluster restore from a backup? It looks like it is related to your periodic read timeouts. 

What version of Riak are you running, and what are the bucket properties for this object? Is there more information in the error log, any messages about hd([]) for example?

Can you grab the actual object in questions from each of the primary vnodes and in some console manually run the merge function and see what the results are? If you need help with how to do this let me know.



On 26 Jun 2017, at 09:34, Mark Richard Thomas <mark.thomas at> wrote:

> Hello
> I'm seeing the following error message for a number of objects:
> console.log:2017-06-26 02:06:00.351 [error] <0.12343.73> gen_fsm <0.12343.73> in state waiting_vnode_r terminated with reason: no function clause matching riak_object:merge_contents({r_object,{<<"commercial">>,<<"precalculatedchar">>},<<"00002065">>,[{r_content,{dict,7,16,16,8,...},...}],...}, {r_object,{<<"commercial">>,<<"precalculatedchar">>},<<"00002065">>,[{r_content,{dict,7,16,16,8,...},...}],...}, <<"false">>) line 306
> What does "no function clause matching riak_object:merge_contents" mean?
> Thanks
> Mark
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