Riak TS Performance for analytical queries

Daniel Eberhardt daniel.eberhardt at exxcellent.de
Mon Jun 19 04:13:18 EDT 2017


I’m a software engineer from Germany and testing the performance of a
single-node Riak TS 1.40 via the Java Client at the moment.

Therefore I query statements like ‘select sum(value) from tsdata where
time > '" + day + "' and time < '" + tomorrow + "';"’

Now I’ve recognised the following issue: The first query I sent to Riak TS
is always incredible slow, but the queries I start afterwards, are more
than 20x faster. And while executing these queries, it doesn’t matter if I
query the same data or other data in another table/bucket.

Do you have any reasons for this behaviour? I would be interested to know
why the first query is so slow and whether this behaviour is usual.

Thank you in advance.


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