Changing Bitcask Expiry Policy

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Thanks a lot for this brief explanation, Martin!

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2017-06-27 13:55 GMT-03:00 Martin Sumner <martin.sumner at>:

> Felipe,
> I've not played around with this myself.  However, after a brief look at
> the bitcask code, it looks like a timestamp is given to each object as it
> is written to bitcask - to represent the time it was written, not the time
> it will expire.  The expiry_time is part of the state of the bitcask
> process passed on startup, and is not looked at during the PUT flow.
> Bitcask checks to see if an object is expired when it is read (and also
> when merging files), by comparing the write_time timestamp with the current
> time (less the expiry time in seconds) - and the object is then deleted as
> part of the GET operation.  So if the expiry time is disabled, these reads
> will be forever valid once bitcask has that new state, as no knowledge of
> the old expiry time is retained in the store. I don't think the object
> itself has any sense of when it will expire, so I would expect that in your
> case your data will be preserved.
> I would recommend testing this before relying on my quick read through.
> Regards
> Martin
> Hi,
> any hint on this question?
> Felipe Esteves
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> 2017-06-21 16:35 GMT-03:00 Felipe Esteves <felipe.esteves at <>>:
> >* Hi,
> *>>* If I have a Riak cluster with bitcask expiry turned on, let's say, 14
> *>* days, and then change it to *bitcask.expiry=off* before any expiration
> *>* occurs, all my data will be preserved? Or all data prior to the parameter
> *>* change could still expiries based on the previous deadline?
> *>>* Riak is version 2.2.3
> *>>* thanks,
> *>>* Felipe Esteves
> *>>* Tecnologia
> *>>* felipe.esteves at <> < at <>>
> *>>>
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