riak-cs fails to start after reimporting Docker container

Jean-Marc Le Roux jeanmarc.leroux at aerys.in
Wed Mar 8 10:08:30 EST 2017

2017-03-08 15:53 GMT+01:00 Jon Brisbin <jbrisbin at basho.com>:

> FWIW- All work done so far on Riak-in-Docker is for purposes of testing
> and ad-hoc cluster creation and NOT for use in "production" environments
> (for any definition of the word "production"). Things like exposing the
> conf files on a volume which are more production-oriented haven't been in
> scope of the work yet; providing a self-contained image that can be
> bootstrapped OOTB has been the focus. That said, we're definitely
> discussing how we might support Docker in a more robust way. There's lots
> to do, beyond just initial config and data on volumes. There's the IP
> addressing and networking issues of bridges to consider, among other
> things.

For now we use a single riak node so for us Docker is not much of an issue.
We successfully backuped/restored riak/riak-cs by backuping/restoring the
corresponding Docker volume container, which makes things a lot easier when
you have multiples databases and stuff like that.

Might be good to make sure this info is encapsulated into a GitHub issue so
> we don't loose track of it.

In the end, the ONE thing to fix is the cumbersome error message. A propre
error message would have saved me days of "work"...
Should I create a new issue for that ?


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