Stale index entries after delete

Bernard Duggan bernard at
Tue Mar 14 23:39:41 EDT 2017

Hi list,
We're seeing some weird behaviour that I haven't been able to find any
decent explanation for. Essentially, after deleting records out of a
bucket, the records continue to persist in the solr index for that bucket

Things that might matter:
* We're using v2.2.1 (and also saw it on 2.2.0)
* We're using the `memory` storage backend for Riak.
* The indices showing the problem have various schemas, but it happens with
`_yz_default` as easily as any others.
* `anti_entropy` and `search` are both turned on.
* This happens on single-node developer "clusters" with n_val set to 3. We
haven't tried any other configurations yet.

The problem doesn't seem to take any special actions to trigger - we write
a few objects to a bucket and they show up in the index. Then we delete
them, wait a few seconds to make sure everything's caught up, and read the
index and they're often (though it seems not always - I haven't been able
to pin down the exact circumstances) still there. It's also reproducible if
we stop and start riak (which clears out the memory-backed buckets but
doesn't seem to do the same for the indices).

Is this a known issue with/feature of memory-backed buckets or is there
somewhere else we should look?


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