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Nguyễn Văn Nghĩa Em nghiaem at
Thu Mar 30 00:58:37 EDT 2017

Dear All,

I use Riak for my company's production, this is my environment:
- Server: cluster of 5 Riak nodes.
- Each node have the same hardware resource: c4.2xlarge amazon instance
- Riak version: 2.1.1
- Backend: Bitcask
- Search enabled via yokozuna
- Bucket type setting:

> young_vclock: 20
> w: quorum
> small_vclock: 50
> rw: quorum
> r: quorum
> pw: 0
> precommit: []
> pr: 0
> postcommit: []
> old_vclock: 86400
> notfound_ok: true
> n_val: 3
> linkfun: {modfun,riak_kv_wm_link_walker,mapreduce_linkfun}
> last_write_wins: false
> dw: quorum
> dvv_enabled: true
> chash_keyfun: {riak_core_util,chash_std_keyfun}
> big_vclock: 50
> basic_quorum: false
> backend: <<"bitcask_mult">>
> allow_mult: true
> datatype: map
> active: true

I have met some problems:
1. Create search index with error: "Can not create search index on all
nodes". This error appear after 30 seconds timeout. I opened the index
folder in /var/lib/riak/yz, I found that there are some folder without file. I don't know whether it is normal or not.

2. When I make a searching load test with Riak Benchmark tool with about
1000 Request Per second. I see about 5-10% error which relate to "Failed to
search". But when I make a load test with Solr HTTP API, the throuput is
about 2000 Request Per Second without any error. It may be the problem in
Riak config. I hope someone can show me why this error happend

Thanks for any help.
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