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Carlos Baquero Moreno cbm at
Wed Oct 25 06:34:49 EDT 2017

Hi Russell and all,

I noticed the reference to offer G-sets (assuming its grow only sets) in an upcoming release. Would it make sense to also support grow only maps? 

I know that there are already add-wins recursive maps in Riak, but it requires all that causal context management that add-wins sets also require. In contrast a grow only map could be useful for simpler use cases that do not need deletion of keys. I recall that I used such a structure to help implement bounded counters on top of it.  

Again, not sure if this makes sense, but wanted to suggest it as a natural companion to a G-set.

Best and good work on rebooting Riak,

Carlos Baquero
Universidade do Minho,

cbm at

> On 25 Oct 2017, at 09:55, Russell Brown <russell.brown at> wrote:
> The aim was this year, or at latest January 2018. That release would contain some NHS features, a fix for claim, G-Sets, and maybe some AAE fullsync repl fixes.

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