[ANN] rabl, RabbitMQ based, open source, realtime replication for Riak

Russell Brown russell.brown at mac.com
Mon Sep 4 06:34:24 EDT 2017


Before I knew about bet365's acquisition of Basho's assets I started
work for the NHS on an open source realtime replication application
for Riak. It's called rabl, and uses RabbitMQ. I wrote an introductory
blog post, which you can read here:


This is pre-release software. Probably best described as alpha.

Feel free to give it a poke and let me know what you think. If you run
it (not in production!) and find problems please use the `issues` for
the github repository. Time will tell whether we iterate on it or give
it up for Open Source Basho/bet365 realtime.



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