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 I also wanted to raise the profile on the work that Ted worked on providing substantially better visibility and control into the tasks which vnodes are asked to schedule, execute and return from:

This is the WIP tracking branch with the design, prototype code, etc.  This is an important effort to able to track "bad queries" from consuming an entire node's worth of resources.
    On Saturday, September 23, 2017, 2:32:35 AM GMT+1, Fred Dushin <fred at dushin.net> wrote:  
 Thank you, Andrew, and Bet365 for hosting this event, and for shepherding Riak through these difficult times.
I will not be able to attend, but under enhancements, I would encourage the group to discuss the late enhancements to Riak/KV to support efficient bucket and key listing for sorted back ends.  This work can be found on the develop and develop-2.2 branches of riak_kv; it was not formally shipped in any Basho production releases, but listing buckets has seen some testing (and the code changes are relatively small).
Listing buckets in time proportional to the number of buckets (not the number of keys in the cluster), and keys in a bucket proportional to the number of keys in the bucket (not the number of keys in the cluster) seems like a laudable goal for which I am sure customers would find use cases.  Key listing has always been an operation known to kill large clusters, and the advice has always been, "don't do that", despite its obvious utility.  With these changes, that advice can be dropped for a subset of users.

On Sep 22, 2017, at 9:56 AM, Andrew.Deane at bet365.com wrote:
 Hi, We are beginning to plan out the two day workshop [1]. We are thinking the first day will start with an introduction from Martin Davies, in which Martin will detail current status and the asset list.  After which we will get into project questions, such as: Which license?The general consensus is Apache2. We need to complete the discussion as HyperLogLog has been introduced which is GPL’d. Our thoughts are to replace HLL. Baseline?We have heard some discussion around where to baseline the codebase. The concern is during the demise of Basho the correct level of diligence was not applied to promotes meaning the code such as HLL has crept in.  Governance?How are we to manage the project going forward? Our feeling is we do not need a formal body as being discussed in the slack group. We see the project going forward as a simple repo into which likeminded developers agree and contribute changes. Placing overbearing procedure and structure on what is currently a small community will dissuade other from joining and contributing. Supporting infrastructure.The Basho websites, github account, and mailing group are all included in the deal. We are currently supporting the mailing list, and once the deal is complete we will continue to support the Basho domains; restricting community disruption. RoadmapBelow, in no particular order, are the items we wish to address internally. If we can all share our lists we can come to an agreed community roadmap between us. ·         Review / rationalisation of Basho JIRA tickets / git issues ·         Replicationo    Address known issues (30+) to add stabilityo    Selective replicationo    Persistent realtime queueo    Review of general approach§  In / out of band§  Snapshot vs deltas ·         Generalo    Address known issues (20+) to add stabilityo    Silent data loss bug in riak_kv ·         Enhancementso    G Setso    Big Setso    CRDT Mapso    Async read / write vnodeso    Split backend vnodeso    Head requests – don’t return body to co-ordinatoro    Rudimentary indexing (leverage TS work) ·         Consolidation / feature cross population of KV,CS, and TS codebases ·         Erlang / OTP upgrade  At this point we want to keep the structure of the day loose to allow the conversations to flow, our collective priorities to take precedence. The sessions will be live streamed, with details to follow. We will also man IRC / Slack for discourse. Food and refreshments will be provided throughout the two days. Hopefully this gives us something to discuss in the build up to the 12th Oct. We’re looking for everyone’s input so we can hit the ground running. As a quick update on the status of the purchase. We have exchanged funds and the court process continues. One clarifying point for anyone following the court proceedings. The purchasing company is our technology arm, Hillside Technology Limited, not the bet365 group. Thanks,Andy.  [1] https://www.meetup.com/RIAK-Development-Roadmap-Workshop/events/243302656/   
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