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Luke Bakken luke at
Wed Sep 27 13:59:27 EDT 2017

Hello Riak users -

The next RabbitMQ release (3.7.0) will use cuttlefish for its
configuration. I'm writing to express interest on behalf of the
RabbitMQ team in taking over maintenance of the project. At the
moment, we forked cuttlefish to the RabbitMQ organization [0] to fix a
couple pressing issues. After that, it would be great if the
repository could be transferred to either its own, new organization or
to the RabbitMQ organization entirely. Basho transferred both
Webmachine and Lager to their own independent organizations, for
instance (,

Once transferred, GitHub will take care of all the necessary
redirections from the Basho organization to cuttlefish's new home.

Luke Bakken

[0] -

Staff Software Engineer
Pivotal / RabbitMQ

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