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Bryan Hunt bryan.hunt at
Wed Sep 27 14:27:39 EDT 2017

Hi Luke,

It’s for bet365 to make that decision.

For the good of the general population the following would be nice:

a) Upgrade to rebar3 
b) Upgrade Erlang version support so it compiles under Erlang 20 (if it doesn’t already)
c) Package uploaded to


> On 27 Sep 2017, at 18:59, Luke Bakken <luke at> wrote:
> Hello Riak users -
> The next RabbitMQ release (3.7.0) will use cuttlefish for its
> configuration. I'm writing to express interest on behalf of the
> RabbitMQ team in taking over maintenance of the project. At the
> moment, we forked cuttlefish to the RabbitMQ organization [0] to fix a
> couple pressing issues. After that, it would be great if the
> repository could be transferred to either its own, new organization or
> to the RabbitMQ organization entirely. Basho transferred both
> Webmachine and Lager to their own independent organizations, for
> instance (,
> Once transferred, GitHub will take care of all the necessary
> redirections from the Basho organization to cuttlefish's new home.
> Thanks,
> Luke Bakken
> [0] -
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> Staff Software Engineer
> Pivotal / RabbitMQ
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