riak-2.2.5rc1 release candidate packages

Bryan Hunt bryan.hunt at erlang-solutions.com
Tue Apr 3 21:01:27 EDT 2018


I’ve built packages for the following distributions: 

- Ubuntu xenial 
- Ubuntu artful 
- Ubuntu trusty
- RHEL 7 / Centos 7
- RHEL 6 / Centos 6

The packages can be downloaded from the following package cloud repository: 

https://packagecloud.io/erlang-solutions/riak_release_candidates <https://packagecloud.io/erlang-solutions/riak_release_candidates>

The instructions for using the package cloud repository are on the linked page, just follow the link.


- I haven’t built packages for Ubuntu zesty as that product has recently been retired.

- I haven’t built for Ubuntu bionic as we don’t yet have a build of basho r16b02_basho10 for this (new) distribution.

- I’ll take a look at Alpine Linux packaging later this week.

If you experience any problems, please get in contact over Slack and I’ll investigate. 

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