[ANN] Riak 2.2.5 release

Nicholas Adams nicholas.adams at tiot.jp
Thu Apr 26 23:55:13 EDT 2018

Dear All,
Just a follow up to Russell's email to say the initial builds of Riak KV 2.2.5 by TI Tokyo are now available at https://files.tiot.jp/riak/kv/2.2/2.2.5/ The same machines that built 2.2.5rc2 were used to build 2.2.5 so if rc2 worked for you, this should too.

As always, please offer feedback regarding any issues etc. encountered.

Best regards,


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Thanks all for your patience and hard work. I just pushed the tag
riak-2.2.5 to the basho repo. Packages are being made.

Release notes are here https://github.com/basho/riak/blob/riak-2.2.5/RELEASE-NOTES.md



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