RIAK repl enhancements

Andrew.Deane at bet365.com Andrew.Deane at bet365.com
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Yeah. FB and PRs back to main for both 2 and 3.

We intend to push forward and switch focus to 3 after this phase. OTP20 will be targeted, as we have seen large performance increases in provisional tests.


Andrew Deane

Systems Development Manager - Core Systems

Hillside (Technology) Limited

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Your proposed changes sound like very well considered and welcome improvements.

What is going to be the strategy for merging?

Do you intend to publish to feature branches and make pull requests main development branches with community review?

Are the changes going to be targeted at the existing 2.* line or 3.0?

Progress towards 3.* (switch to modern Erlang/rebar3/leveled/new AAE) has been slow, it may be expeditious to target the 2.* line.


On 23 May 2018, at 13:17, <Andrew.Deane at bet365.com<mailto:Andrew.Deane at bet365.com>> <Andrew.Deane at bet365.com<mailto:Andrew.Deane at bet365.com>> wrote:


A quick note to highlight bet365 have published a summary of the replication work currently in final stages of dev.


These enhancements will be pushed to the canonical repo in the coming weeks, at which point we’ll also publish a more in-depth explanation of the changes.


Andrew Deane

Systems Development Manager - Core Systems

Hillside (Technology) Limited

andrew.deane at bet365.com<mailto:andrew.deane at bet365.com>


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