[ANN] Riak 2.2.6 release

Russell Brown russell.brown at me.com
Thu May 31 05:19:21 EDT 2018


Riak-2.2.6 has been tagged and will be/is available from the usual
outlets (see follow up from Nicholas Adams.)

Riak-2.2.6 has no changes/diffences from riak-2.2.5.

When I tagged riak-2.2.5 I did not notice that there already existed a
tag `2.1.7-225` for riak_kv. I created a new tag with the same
name. Thankfully all the build/release tools used the new tag, but there
is still risk, and confusion, due to the duplicate tag on riak_kv.

Our options were to delete both tags, and re-create the latter tag,
which seemed wrong, or create a new tag for riak_kv (at the exact same
SHA) which is what we have done. The new tag is 2.1.7-226.

Creating this new tag meant updating the rebar.config for yokozuna and
riak_repl, and riak itself, which led to new SHAs, and new tags for
those repos. And that is how we came to have a riak-2.2.6 which is
exactly the same code as riak-2.2.5.

I have updated the release wiki instructions to include a step that
checks for existing branch/tag with the planned new tag name, so that we
don’t do this again.



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